Cast In Place Concrete

  • Review of mix design
  • Inspection of placement of reinforcing steel
  • Inspection of placement and/or perform proof loading of mechanical couplers
  • Inspection of placement of concrete
  • Slump control
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Concrete compression tests

Reinforcing Steel

  • Review of mill certificates
  • Inspection of bar size and grade
  • Inspection of laps, ties and splices
  • Inspection of conformance of reinforcement to drawing

Post-Tensioned Concrete

  • Inspection of placement of cables
  • Stressing operations
  • Cable laboratory tension tests


  • Observation of qualifications of contractor’s nozzlemen
  • Inspection of placement of reinforcing steel
  • Inspection of placement of shotcrete
  • Observation of shotcrete test panels
  • Coring of panels for comprehensive tests

Structural Steel Welding

  • Review of mill certifications
  • Review of welding procedures
  • Inspection of shop fabrications
  • Ultrasonic tests of complete penetration welds
  • Continuous inspection of all welding operations
  • Inspection and tests of all high strength bolted connections

Structural Masonry

  • Review of mix designs
  • Observation of fabrication of composite prisms
  • Inspection of placement of masonry units, reinforcing steel and grout
  • Mortar, grout and prism tests

Metal Fabrication and Steel Decking

  • Review of welding procedures and qualifications
  • Inspection of shop fabrications
  • Inspection of field welding operations

Epoxy Grouted Dowels, Anchors and Holdowns

  • Inspection of drilled holes for depth, diameter, and cleanliness
  • Observation of placement of epoxy grouted dowels and anchors
  • Perform proof load testing (as needed)

Roof Diaphragm Nailing/Shear Wall Nailing

  • Verification of type and thickness of plywood
  • Verification of size and type of nails
  • Observation of placement and nailing of plywood roof/wall diaphragms

Batch Plant

  • Review of plant certification
  • Request of verification of calibration dates on scales, dispensers and meters
  • Review of approved mix design proportions and bands
  • Determination of batch load amounts and spacing of loads
  • Request of copies of all batch weights per each load for tolerance calculation of compliance
  • Verification of weight cement per ASTM C94
  • Observation of ¬†additions of manual dispensed color, waterproofing mix plasticizer
  • Verification that water tanks on trucks are full
  • Verification that drum revolution counters are zeroed
  • Verification of temperature and batch times
  • Creation of unit weight, air content, slump, shrink molds, flex beams
  • Communication with weigh master as needed

Additional inspections will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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